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We work with the world’s leading insurers to cover you on the go, so you never overpay for cover and get the best price.

For delivery workers

Cover that protects against trips, slips and damage to your bike when you are out delivering food.

For rideshare drivers

Cover that protects against injuries to you, passengers and damage to car, and third party property when doing rideshare work.

For platform providers

On demand, smart cover that helps platforms protect their most important asset – their partners and customers against liabilities caused by injuries or property damage.

How does upcover work?


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Tell us whether you do delivery or rideshare and how many hours you work.

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So you never pay extra on your insurance.

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Policies that cover all the kinds of platform work you do.


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Questions we get asked often

upcover is Australia’s first insurance tailor made for gig economy workers. Our cover protects anyone who works on their own time and gets paid by the hour. 

We will be launching our insurance cover for delivery riders using bicycles or e-bikes. Whether you own a bike or rent it, whether you deliver food or parcels, we will cover you for damage or theft of your bike, injuries to you and loss of income while doing your delivery work, and for any injury you might cause to others or their property damage.

upcover is a new age insurance company. We’ve built our business and our products from the ground up – from 100s of hours of conversations with our future customers. We pride ourselves as a nimble start-up that is passionate about changing how the gig economy workers protect themselves.

We will soon become an authorised representative of an APRA regulated underwriter who will be issuing the insurance products associated with upcover. After this time, you will be able to find the Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) on our website.  If you are interested, sign up to our waitlist to get a sneak peak to our early release. Stay tuned!

Our pricing is flexible that means we will charge you for the hours you work – nothing more!

We will be the only Australian insurance company that provides unique and tailored cover for gig work. If you are a partner driver for platforms like Uber or Ola, or a delivery rider for Deliveroo or Zoom2u, we have created tailored protection and pricing that suits your needs.

Our first product will aim to protect delivery riders using bicycles and e-bikes under 50cc. That said, we are working very hard to launch insurance products that will be tailor made for delivery riders using a scooter or car. You can sign up to our waitlist here and be the first to know when we launch!

With our first products, we will only cover gig workers that work as a delivery partner using bicycles or e-bikes under 50cc. We will soon launch a range of products to cover all your gig work. Keep checking this space for updates!

upcover will only protect your for the hours you work with your declared platform providers, as well as any other kinds of approved  gig work. If you get injured or incur liabilities outside your declared working hours, you will not be covered by upcover.

We know that accidents can happen anywhere! If your bike is stolen or damaged and you made sure to look after it safely by keeping it in good condition, always secured or locked up, upcover will protect you for the repair or replacement of your bicycle or e-bike.

If you want a flexible, easy to use and simple insurance that provides community benefits and covers you for all your protection needs as a gig worker, join the upcover community!

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