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Top 3 accessories as a rider you must have


Looking cool on the road and transforming your bike into a spaceship command cabin is fine, but safety and practicality as a delivery rider is paramount. Here you will find the essential bike accessories you need to start doing your deliveries and feel good, keep safe and stay comfortable.


1. Phone mount


The cheapest versions of a phone mount are straps that fit on your arm. However, as you’ll need to use a map, using an arm phone mount is exactly the thing to avoid. Especially if you are a beginner and do not know the road of your city very well. For your safety, you should have your phone facing towards you. 

So, you should look for a phone mount  to install on your bike. The best we suggest is called QuadLock.It has a durable and quick lock-in /lock-off tested technology that makes it a leader in Australia. The simplest kit costs only $69. You can also pay it off  with 8-week installments using AfterPay (that’s only $9 per week!). It is a good investment, the Quadlock phone mount lasts for life and is usable on your scooter, car, bike – and for your exercise – on your arm!

Don’t forget to, wear bluetooth earphones to avoid cables too.


2. Night Lights


Having lights on at night time is not only to avoid police officers from yelling at you, but a vital way to be safely visible. It is mandatory by law or you might incur a fine. Lights will prevent other vehicles from crashing into you, allow other pedestrians to see you, and  make your path easy to follow. 

Be careful – and patient! – with pedestrians: they can get easily distracted. Often, you will find them walking in your cycling lane, staring at their phone or talking with others. When that happens, use your lights in flash mode.  If not, people might not realise you are on an incoming bicycle. 


Azur is a good quality brand for lights and other bike accessories. They are retailed in almost all bike shops and online. Azur’s rechargeable lights, white for the front and red for the back, start from $15. These can also be paid in instalments (AfterPay or ZipPay) from many stores online.

Finally, a bell is also a perfect companion for your light, and sometimes, it is also fun to ring a song along the way!  


3. Power Bank


You planned a long shift to make good money for the day. You go out, start working and in the middle of your excitement your phone enters into battery save mode! It does not matter though if you plan a 2 hour or 8 hour delivery session, a power bank is a must to carry with you, always. 

You can rely on the battery of your phone, but ensure that you consider other factors:.

First, the app you use to work continuously uses GPS from the time you log in, until the moment you log off.Even when the app is running in the background and interactive maps aren’t in use, phone battery life decreases significantly. Second, gap times! Sometimes you will have to wait for a long period of time while picking up an order. You will definitely get bored soon, spend that time maybe playing games or watching videos or using social media, a lot of energy is spent in a very short time! Unless you would like to stare at the beautiful trees or buildings of the city for that time (which isn’t that bad either), bring a power bank with you and take it easy.

You can find them at any price and capacity. There is not a best one: trust the features on their boxes and get the one that can recharge your phone for your entire shift. JB-hi fi has plenty of options waiting for you!


This blog is brought straight to you from our community manager and in-house delivery rider expert, Matteo Pinna. Feel free to reach out to him for any queries!


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