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Tips to Maximise your Earnings as a Delivery Rider

As a food delivery rider, you have probably wondered countless times how you could get that earnings boost. Check out upcover’s exclusive advice from our in-house food delivery expert, Matteo Pinna, and see how it can be a game-changer for your delivery work.

1. Get used to the uncertainty

Golden rule to take into consideration: you can not influence the number of delivery orders you may get in a day. There is no way to control the demand for food. So do not get stressed if some days you don’t earn as much as you expected.

2. Be efficient!

While our eating habits can be pretty random, at least eating times are mostly fixed! There are therefore peak hour times where you can work non-stop, earning a good income for your time spent. The most stable picks are during lunch time, 11am – 2 pm, and dinner time, 5:30 pm – 9 pm.

Working these hours will let you take home $120-$150 each night which is not too bad. But you can be even more efficient if you manage to avoid any inconveniences on the way.

3. Kill the waiting time

Whenever you arrive at a restaurant, if the order is not ready, ask for the wait time, speak to restaurant staff and if needed, keep a track on it. If the wait time is less than 10 minutes, then stay, otherwise consider the option to leave and get a new order.

Make sure that you also make an effort to stick to your wait times. In many cases, restaurants may ask you to keep waiting but decline kindly and push them to give you your order on time as it could affect the temperature and quality of the food. Be persistent: the more you wait, the more you lose in terms of income.

4. Find your hub

Get to know the places with a high concentration of restaurants. It might be a square, a shopping centre or a food court. It is good to stay nearby and reduce the time it takes for you to pick up at the restaurant. As you get more experience, you will know the most popular restaurant and will learn where to use this strategy. If you are new to this, try to wait around these locations:

5. Money falls from the sky

Absolutely true! Rain always means a lot of deliveries. People don’t want to get wet, so they order plenty of takeaway for lunches and dinners. Most of the time, there are also extra rewards. However, remember to ride safe, stay warm, and wear comfortable waterproof clothing. Also, protect your eyes with cycling glasses – this is a good habit even if it is not raining! Be extra careful of metal surfaces- for example railway tracks are very slippery when wet!

And that’s it! You can also always find your own unique way of working and keep adding to this list. Got a tip? Just reach out to Matteo for a chat directly at

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