Financial Support

Getting financial support from the government & boosting your income as a freelancer.

Commonly Asked Questions

If you are on a visa, you will not be able to claim any benefits. This applies to both JobSeeker and JobKeeper benefit packages.

Exceptions are made for New Zealanders on subclass 444 visa, anyone with a protected special category visa, and other non-protected special category visa holders who have lived in Australia for more than 10 years.

If you are experiencing financial hardship, you can apply to have the tax withheld from your pay reduced for the rest of the financial year by lodging a variation form. This means you don’t have to wait to get a refund when you lodge your tax return. Australian Tax Office is providing tailored support during these times. Furthermore, you may be able to access up to $10,000 of your superannuation from mid-April.

Yes. If you work in the field of medical, cleaning, airline, beautician, retail (restaurant) industry and meet the requirements, you may be able to claim a deduction in your next tax return for protective items you purchase and use at work.

Many states have launched their own funds and eligibility criteria If you are a sole trader or a small business, you may be eligible for further supplements and other parliamentary responses.

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