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Decoding food delivery rider insurance

As a food delivery rider, you probably work across multiple platforms and whenever you can. On the road, you are also constantly moving, getting your next delivery done. While working along some beautiful backdrops, delivery work comes with risks. Zipping across the streets, you are also prone to unfortunate events. In the last year itself, at least 4 food delivery riders were killed in Australia and more than 41% are injured on a daily basis. It makes sense then to wonder who’s protecting you when you are out there alone.

So, what happens if you are injured? What happens if your bike gets stolen? We worked hard to answer these burning questions about food delivery protection and now, we’ve got it together in this blog so you can feel at ease every time you step out the door.

Here’s what we answer:


1. While working as a food delivery rider for UberEats or Deliveroo, am I protected?

Yes, like many food delivery companies, both UberEats and Deliveroo offer insurance to their riders while they are logged on the mobile app and 60 minutes after logging off. upcover’s insurance protects you while you work, 30 minutes after the last delivery and, on the direct route home.

2. I work for both UberEats and Deliveroo. Am I still eligible for their insurance?

Yes. You can work for Deliveroo and UberEats and are entitled to be protected under both their policies. It depends on the platform you are logged on while working. You can also easily buy additional coverage from upcover – which is pay-as-you-go insurance so you don’t have to worry about burning a hole in your savings.

3. What happens if I get hurt while working?


comparison table

4. What if my bike gets stolen or damaged?

Neither UberEats or Deliveroo offers protection of your bike. upcover‘s insurance for bike cover protects your bike and accessories against theft and accidental damage.

Check out upcover’s blog for more on how you can protect your bike from as little as $8 per week

5. What if I cause injuries to others or property while working?

Delivery platforms don’t tell anyone if they will cover you if you injure someone else or damage their property. Often, riders are injured by other riders and there isn’t any protection available for them. upcover’s product ensures that you prevent accidents or injuries to others.

6. What if I get hurt and can no longer work?

Did you know that the average injury recovery time is 8.5 weeks? So it is possible you may not be able to get back to work in case the unexpected happens and you are injured. UberEats loss of income supplement is limited to 30 days. With upcover you’ll be covered for 12 months.

In a nutshell, comparing the policies:

UberEATS, Deliveroo and upcover Insurance

upcover offers cover that’s made for delivery riders, by delivery riders like you.

About upcover

At upcover, we are committed to improving the safety of riders by providing support, resources and financial products to help them at work, at home and in between. upcover bridges the protection gap for the fastest growing workforce in Australia by providing the self-employed and independent contractors with the insurance protection and benefits they need.