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Bike Insurance for Delivery Riders, Simplified

Imagine riding down the road as you deliver food to Aussie homes and doorsteps. As a food delivery rider, your bike is your constant companion but also the most likely thing to get stolen. 

Back in 2017 in Australia, 16% of all thefts were bike and sporting equipment and half of these occurred at home, and 12% at work. From Sydney to Adelaide CBD to Melbourne, bike theft is quite common and less than 7% of bikes are recovered. Sounds like a lot? Well, police reporting is getting better but the bad news is stealing a bike is still so easy!  

Okay, what’s the good news?


The good news is upcover’s got the only cover in Australia to get your bicycle covered. We also cover e-bikes under 50cc. With our bike coverage, you can protect your bike while you are working, at home, or in between. This way, regardless of wherever you are, you can stress less and get on making deliveries. 

How do we do it?


When your bike is insured with us, we will cover your bike from theft or accidental damage. That means, if your bike is stolen, we will pay to have your bike replaced, or help repair it if it gets damaged. However, there are a few things to keep in mind like our security conditions, your excess and the replacement cost.

What are the security conditions?

We know most bike thefts occur when you haven’t locked your bike. We’ve got some security conditions and rules that help you understand how important it is to lock your bike – and keep it safe! Hear from our Community Manager, Matteo Pinna, to learn more.

explaining excessWhat’s an excess?

An excess is considered as your participation in the damage or loss of your bike. It’s a way of you accepting a small portion of the risk yourself. So, if you end up filing a claim with us, we will pay the total replacement cost minus the excess. Our bike cover has an excess of $250. 

What’s the replacement cost?

This is the payment we may pay you if your bike is stolen. 

For example, if your insured bike was initially worth $1299 when you bought it in 2016. Currently, in 2020, it gets stolen and now the same bike, meaning the same make and model, is worth $999 (newer models are more expensive). In such a case, if you make a claim, we will transfer you $999 minus your excess. 

Basically, it’s just a nifty way for us to say that we will pay you for the same make and model – but the replacement cost will be how much it is worth today.

What other benefits do I get?


We can also protect your bike from accidental damage. If your bike is damaged, we will have it repaired and pay anything above the first $250.

As a food delivery rider, we also know that riders often rent their bikes from bike rental providers. Even if that’s the case, we offer the same benefits to rental bikes and will directly pay the value of your claim to your bike rental provider. 

Along with our bike cover, you can also choose to protect yourself and those around you while you work. For more on our Public Liability cover and Personal Accident cover, check out our website!

So, is bike insurance really worth it?


More than 90% of bike claims are to do with the theft of a bike. We know from riders its what they care most about – and that’s why we’ve built this product. It is necessary to ensure that your bike is protected so that you can easily go anywhere your work asks you to without any worries. 

With upcover’s delivery insurance you can:



Work free-and-easy 

We cover your bike if someone pinches it from you or if it is stolen while it’s locked at home or at a restaurant.

Protection for wherever you are


Be protected wherever you go

Our 24/7 cover means whether you are outdoors, at home or in the car, if you are in Australia, we’ve always got your bike covered. 


Safe from knocks and dropsStay safe from knocks and drops

If you accidentally damage your bike, we will pay anything above the first $250 for repairs.



About upcover

At upcover, we are committed to improving the safety of riders by providing support, resources and financial products to help them at work, at home and in between. upcover bridges the protection gap for the fastest growing workforce in Australia by providing the self-employed and independent contractors with the insurance protection and benefits they need.