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5 Tips on Working as a Cleaner

Worried about what it will be like working as a cleaner? Check out our 5 tips on working as a cleaner, what to expect and how you can make it a job that works well for you.

  • It’s a tough job

If this is your first cleaning gig, it may take a few weeks to adjust. Cleaning requires physical labour and can involve long hours. Initially, just remember that you and your body will soon get used to this. Hang tight!

Pro-tip: In the beginning if you’re working with a cleaning platform like UrbanCompany or a cleaning agency, try to put in limited availability (or the minimum available hours as required by your company) and then slowly increase the working hours week by week.

  • Build a work standard

As with any job, cleaning  work requires delivering high standard cleaning services to your clients in a quick and efficient time. This is as much for you as it is for them! It’s good to make sure your work standards are high –  so your profile is rated well and that way, you can have your choice of which shift times, client locations and pick what works best for you. Once you have an efficient cleaning method and know the locations you can travel to easily from home, you’ll be able to organise your work schedule around this. 

Pro-tip: Explore your way of working and create a knowledge base. After that, you can start your own cleaning blog or instagram reels and who knows, become the next Marie Kondo!

  • Talk to your company

If you are nervous or unsure of what to expect on your first day, reach out to your company. They’ll be able to provide you with resources and a guide on what to do and to expect. Keep in mind that it’s also okay to feel this way.

Pro-tip: Find a contact person at your company that understands you. Don’t be shy! Speak up about your questions and get ready to learn. 

  • Keep upskilling yourself

Often people overlook the organisation and efficiency that cleaners put in their jobs. Cleaners know everything about houses and what works best. Combine that with your past experience, you have a way to add that onto your resume!

Pro-tip: There are certifications that can build on your existing cleaning skills and help you aim for a higher wage. Check out this course in Certificate III cleaning operations that can land you a job as a cleaning manager!

  • Enjoy yourself! 

Yes, cleaning means a lot of work. But it doesn’t have to be boring. Use this time to catch up on podcasts or groove to some new music! If you are going to new places, explore the streets and stop by a cafe you have never tried before. This way you can become a travel expert in your city and try something new

Pro-tip: If you are looking to improve your communication skills or learn english, strike up conversations wherever you go or download instructional videos or missed lectures and follow along to them while you work!

And remember, this isn’t an exhaustive list! You can customise it to your own way of work. Working as a cleaner is a great way to get some regular income so congratulations if you got the job! You got this!

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